Despondency versus hope

Youth is an invaluable asset of every country that idealizes to progress. The primacy of this segment of society cannot be emphasized enough because they are the leaders of tomorrow, the visionaries. It is the youth that leads a nation to the heights of glory and prestige. Moreover, they are the ones who revolutionize the fractured “system” and bring change. 

However, it is deeply sorrowful to observe the dearth of trust by the youth in the state as they continue to bid adieu to the country, with hundreds of thousands going abroad. This trend has surged dramatically in the past few years. Haggard with the ongoing dismal existential crisis in the country, they seem to have lost faith in the inept elitists who persist to prefer engaging in ruthless power games rather than striving for a stable country. 

One cannot blame them for leaving the country as the need for a stable and better life lies innately in every human being. In contrast, one needs to scrutinize the reasons that are forcing the “assets” of the country to leave. And it seems that we are not lacking: Political instability, resurging terrorism, untameable stagflation, all have contributed in pushing the country to a steep valley of baffling chaos. Pakistan faces the scourge of being on the brink of collapse. 

Undoubtedly, the ilk of such existential crisis hasn’t been witnessed in decades. The contemporary situation has forced multitudes, especially the youngsters, into deserting the country. Now, it is important more than ever for the powerful quarters to abandon relishing in the travails of its nemesis and instead strategize to deal with the enormity of the crisis faced by Pakistan. As the youth sees that there is a plan for the betterment of the country, a ray of hope, they will forsake the belief that this country is doomed. Furthermore, they will stop deserting the country and instead play their due part.



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