RUDA commemorates World Environment Day

LAHORE-Monday at RUDA headquarters, while commemorating the World Environment Day, CEO RUDA Imran Amin in equivocal terms reiterated that the main primordial principle of this authority is to work for the betterment of the environment and fight pollution in its all forms.
It is pertinent to mention that RUDA has already floated the plan to convert the Lakho Dair garbage site into a park along with proposing a new scientific landfill for the denizens of Lahore. Already work is underway to treat polluted water of River Ravi through internationally acclaimed latest technologies including use of pollutant eating microbes. The accentuation of nine forests in the area, environmentally laced with the concept of wetlands, thereby resuscitating the riverine habitat along with developmental curve are few of the steps towards mitigating the environmental degradation.
Imran Amin further delved that this year’s environment day theme “Beat Plastic Pollution” vibrates with environmental rhythm of RUDA with the initiatives revolving around measures to reduce all types of wastes. The industrial area phase 1 of RUDA is the manifestation of same where measures are undertaken to address the ambient air quality as well as the prevalent plastic pollution and iron wastes. Reducing the noise pollution up to 60 decibels is also one of the targets which RUDA has set in its area through means and measures in this era of Anthropocene.
Conclusively, RUDA’s commemoration of World Environment Day stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to the betterment of the environment and the fight against pollution. RUDA is writing its own climate/environment story converting the suffering into success by taking different steps in the direction.

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