Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe


The topic of artificial intelligence garnered my particular interest when a conversation was sparked between me and my dear friend from NCA Noor Ul Ain Naveed regarding AI art and its ethical implications.
AI has slowly but surely taken the world by storm. Vital concerns arise accompanied by all the convenience AI brings to every aspect of our lives. As this technology advances the value of human labor has never been more at risk. Especially jobs regarding the artistic market where human creativity and short comings are what gives the product its uniqueness. As my friend from NCA shared her concerns over AI art, how it was beginning to eradicate the notion of performance based on one’s own merit. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread to what the future holds regarding AI. A sense of insecurity has arisen, when creating works of art requires no talent of your own but a simple prompt where do real artist’s stand? Those who have dedicated their lives to honing their specialized talents are left high and dry it seems. Originality is condensed down to algorithms that compromise the human aspect as well as ethics which is so vital to the creation of art and all it entails.
Moreover the market for art is already notoriously harsh, with the introduction of AI artists are beginning to lose any firm footing they once had. The rightful concern of the artistic community in regards to AI is only the beginning. This new technology is already trickling down into every crevice of human life, from academia to art. Moreover I urge the reader to look into ‘deep fakes’ that are able to replicate anyone’s voice and face, as well as prompt the AI created clone to say and do whatever it wants. Technology is advancing faster than our laws can safeguard us. It is hard not to see the technology of AI be in some way shape or form as flood gates, which are a premonition of a very tricky future.

— Noor-e-Xnb is currently a student at FCCU pursuing double major in mass communication and education and a freelance writer.

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