IHC CJ warns of contempt proceedings if lawyers not allowed to meet Imran

ISLAMABAD  -  The Islamabad High Court (IHC) Chief Jus­tice Friday said that the court will issue “appropriate orders” in the petitions related to meetings of legal team with Imran Khan and provision of facilities to him in jail.

During the hearing, Imran’s lawyer Sher Afzal Khan Marwat in­formed the bench that they were not being allowed to meet Im­ran despite court or­ders and requested the court to issue direc­tives to allow the legal team to meet with the PTI chief in jail. He con­tended that there had been false accusations of causing disruptions by Khan’s lawyers at the Attock District Jail, where Imran was serv­ing his prison term.

Justice Aamer said that they had said this before and they would say it again that lawyers were al­lowed to hold meet­ings with Imran. 

The lawyer also complained before the judge that the attempts were made to arrest him despite the fact he had obtained interim bail. The CJ also asked from the state counsel that whether the law­yers could meet the ac­cused or not? The pro­vincial government’s lawyer informed the court that a meeting between the PTI chief and his lawyer had al­ready taken place on August 7 where the lawyer signed letters of attorney for the high courts and the Su­preme Court.

The IHC CJ ques­tioned that whether the signing of legal documents was the only reason for which the lawyers were per­mitted to meet with the prisoner. He warned that failure to allow these meetings will be viewed as contempt of court. Rao said that they had granted the permission for holding the meeting on August 7 but on August 8 and 9 they reached too late.

The counsel for PTI chairman argued be­fore the court that there are 180 cases registered against Im­ran and the legal team needed advice of the PTI chairman.

Justice Aamer said that the lawyers should be permitted to meet with the prisoner through proper chan­nels. The PTI’s lawyer on the other hand ob­jected to the Punjab government’s version saying that they were fabricating the details. Marwat also argued that they needed to decide on the jail class within 48 hours which they failed to do so. 

The Punjab govern­ment on the other hand maintained that the former premier was being provided all necessary facilities including medical care at the jail.

Justice Aamer re­marked that court would issue appropri­ate orders on meeting of lawyers with PTI chairman and facili­ties provided to him at prison.

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