US says has no role in choosing political leaders in Pakistan

WASHINGTON  -  The United States has said that it does not play any role in choosing political leaders in Pakistan.

Spokesperson of the US State De­partment Matthew Miller reiterated at a press conference here yesterday, “The United States does not play any role in choosing the leaders of Pakistan.” Miller’s remark came in response to a question about the American govern­ment not supporting any corrupt and criminal leaders around the world.

He added that the US only engages with the leadership elected by the Pakistani people. “We will contin­ue to engage with the government of Pakistan on all these issues,” he maintained. The State Department’s statement comes at a time when Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Asim Munir is on his maiden official visit to the US since assuming of­fice in November last year. The army chief, during his visit, is scheduled to meet senior military and other government officials. His visit comes a day after the conclusion of a two-day stay of US Special Repre­sentative for Afghanistan Thomas West in Pakistan. The US has, multiple times, spoken about not interfer­ing in Pakistan’s internal political matters nor sid­ing with any political party over the other.