Ukrainian prisoners of war say they were tortured at Russian prison

KYIV - Former Ukrainian captives say they were subjected to torture, includ­ing frequent beatings and electric shocks, while in custody at a deten­tion facility in south-western Russia, in what would be serious violations of international humanitarian law. 

In interviews with the BBC, a doz­en ex-detainees released in prisoner exchanges alleged physical and psy­chological abuse by Russian officers and guards at the Pre-Trial Detention Facility Number Two, in the city of Taganrog. The testimonies, gathered during a weeks-long investigation, describe a consistent pattern of ex­treme violence and ill-treatment at the facility, one of the locations where Ukrainian prisoners of war have been held in Russia. Men and women at the Taganrog site are repeatedly beaten, including in the kidneys and chest, and given electric shocks in daily in­spections and interrogations 

Russian guards constantly threat­en and intimidate detainees, some of whom have given false confessions which were allegedly used as evi­dence against them in trials.

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