KARACHI – It seems that the lives of Sindh Police personnel are of less importance as government has provided them with bulletproof jackets and Armed Personnel Carriers but with inferior quality which risk their lives even more in a crime-prone City. A bullet of Rs40 is enough to bust a bulletproof jacket of proximate worth of Rs0.2 million and APC of worth around Rs56 million and Rs20 million bought by the police department in near past. Sources said that as many as 100 APCs including 40 APCs namely Talha worth Rs56 million each and 60 Muhafiz APCs worth Rs20 million each were bought by Sindh Police. These vehicles are manufactured by Wah Ordnance Factory.According to details, police officials and personnel have much concern about the reliability of the APCs and life-jackets given to the Sindh Police in last couple of years.Sources pointed out that Lyari operation has proved the reliability of life-saving jackets and vehicles as both were found useless.An official of the police department while talking to TheNation told, “We couldn’t have imagine what we have seen in Lyari operation. I had doubt when I came to know about the steal bullets of SMG/Kalashnikov riddled the APC. I visited Lyari and saw the APC with several bullet holes. I got arranged those steal bullets and test-fired on newly-purchased APC and jackets. I fired myself and the bullets of Kalashnikov busted the APCs and life-saving jackets too”.He said that former City police chief and official of federal interior ministry purchased the said stuff from Wah Ordnance Factory couple of years back in order to make Sindh Police well-equipped.Police official said that old APCs and jackets remain useful and reliable because the said steel bullet could not damaged the old jackets and vehicles being used by the police department.Sources privy to the matter disclosed that the said bullet is not as much expensive and the bullet cost is Rs5 to 10 expensive than the normal bullets of Kalashnikov. Normal bullet of SMG is available in the market in price range of Rs30 to 35 and steel bullets cost is from rupees 40 to 45, sources said. that The steel bullets being manufactured by the local arms factories in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and are also sufficient enough to riddled the life jackets and the APCs. Police sources said that the cost of an APC was around Rs7.5 million when it had been given first time to Sindh Police, used in 1992 operation, and now the worth of the said APC is approximately Rs56 and 20 million.Sources revealed that Lyari operation has exposed the scam of billions of rupees and Sindh Police Transport Department have rejected the APCs and bullet-proof jackets.It is pertinent to mention here that it was much difficult to damage the APC and jacket during Karachi operation of 1990s. Sources said that operatives were engaged in fighting with the law enforcers have had intensified the range and pressure of Light Machine Gun to hurt the APCs on experimental basis.