RAWALPINDI - Rawalpindi police in their crackdown against illegal weapons conducted raids in different areas and rounded up seven persons besides recovering seven 30 bore pistols and ammunition from their possession, said a police spokesman on Thursday.  He informed that Sadiqabad police held Aftab Ahmed and recovered a 30 bore pistol. Naseerabad police rounded up Sheraz and Shehryar Khan and recovered two 30 bore pistols and ammunition. Civil Line police arrested Adnan Nazir for having a 30 bore pistol and ammunition.

Saddar Wah police nabbed Yasir for possessing a 30 bore pistol while Saddar Baroni police rounded up Anamullah and Gohar ur Rehman and seized two 30 bore pistols and ammunition from their possession.

Separate cases have been registered against all accused while further investigations are underway, he said. 

The police would continue raids against lawbreakers, he added.