Dr Kauser for minimising yield gap of various agri commodities

ISLAMABAD-Caretaker Federal Minister for National Food Security & Research Dr Kauser Abdulla Malik visited National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), Islamabad on Thursday. Chairman PARC Dr Ghulam Muhammad Ali welcomed the minister. The ceremony was attended by scientists and researchers Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC).
Dr Kauser addressed an august gathering of agricultural scientists and later on had an interactive session with the scientists to discuss ways to improve agricultural research on modern lines. He also underlined the vital role of scientists and researchers for ensuring food and nutritional security of the nation. During his keynote address to the scientific community, Dr. Kauser emphasized the vital role of cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, particularly in the realm of biotechnology, to ensure sustainable food security. He lauded the Council’s pivotal contribution through the establishment of one of the world’s premier agricultural research facilities i.e. National Instititue for Genomics and Biotechnology (NIGAB), consolidating its noteworthy impact on the nation’s agricultural economy. Furthermore, Dr Kauser commended the invaluable contributions made by young researchers in driving innovation within the field.
The federal minister vowed to extend full support from the government regarding technical and financial aspects and friendly policy formulation for the betterment of agricultural sector. He underscored the pressing need for continuous training and education to ensure that professionals remain abreast of the latest developments. While talking to the community, federal minister shared a personal connection, spanning half a century, with PARC and the agricultural sector, highlighting his enduring commitment to its progress and development. During the interactive session, Dr Kauser urged to minimize yield gap of various agricultural commodities. During welcoming speech, Dr Ghulam Muhammad Ali, Chairman PARC, conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to the federal minister, commending the minister’s groundbreaking contributions to agricultural research in the country. He specifically highlighted the minister’s instrumental role in launching the endowment fund for the Agricultural Linkages Program (ALP), a significant catalyst for advancing agricultural research practices within the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) during his era as Chairman PARC.

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