One Homes signs world famous ‘BCo.’ to partner for new $35m branded residences project

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2024-04-23T05:13:26+05:00 PR

LONDON  -  In a groundbreaking move for luxury living in Islamabad, One Homes has announced its latest collaboration with Bernardo Hair & Co. (BCO London) for its presti­gious development, nestled in the serene Cedar Hills. This develop­ment is setting new benchmarks in luxury living, combining opu­lent amenities with breathtaking natural landscapes.

BCO London, located in the chic Marylebone area of London, is renowned for its exceptional beauty services and has become the salon of choice for celebrities and influencers worldwide. Major A list celebrities like Adriane Gali­steu, Brenda Costa and Daphne Joy are a few other notable indi­viduals who are its clients. BCO’s London has a global footprint in New York, Miami, Santo Domingo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait. 

One Homes’ new development is more than just a residential project; it is Islamabad’s first-ever luxury service apartment designed to cater to the discern­ing tastes of overseas Pakistanis. The development boasts a tri-tower design, featuring 5-star branded apartments that prom­ise an intelligent investment and a privileged lifestyle. One Homes have built a robust reputation for operating in Pakistan with inter­national best practices of integri­ty, innovation, and commitment. As a leading international real estate group, they have brought numerous leading global giants to Pakistan including Kobi Karp, WATG, Varabyeu Partners and Versace Ceramics, setting new standards in the market.

Residents will enjoy an ar­ray of elite amenities, including a steam area, sauna facilities, a padel court, an infinity pool, and exclusive in-house services such as a 24/7 concierge and a busi­ness center. The addition of BCO will bring a new level of glamour and pampering, offering resi­dents world-class beauty treat­ments without having to step outside their homes.

Aqib Shah, CCO of One Homes, commented, “We are thrilled to integrate BCO London into the luxury offerings at our new proj­ect. Their international acclaim and commitment to quality align perfectly with our vision of pro­viding unparalleled living expe­riences in Pakistan. This partner­ship underscores our dedication to bringing global luxury stan­dards to Islamabad.”

Bernardo Vasconcelos, Founder of BCO London, stated, “Our collab­oration with One Homes is a signifi­cant milestone. We are excited to bring our unique beauty services to Islamabad and be part of a commu­nity that values exceptional living and wellness. This development will set a new standard for luxury not just in Pakistan but worldwide, and we are proud to contribute to this visionary project.”

One Homes aims to revolutio­nise the luxury living landscape in Pakistan. The project’s strate­gic location on the main Murree Expressway, coupled with the upcoming infrastructure develop­ments like the Bara Kahu Bypass, ensures that this project is not just an excellent living choice but also a sound investment opportunity. Especially with the project offer­ing dollar-linked rental returns alongside a comprehensive rental and management program.

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