Israeli army implements lockdown in Hebron city center

Israeli forces closed the Valley of the Thorns (Vadi et-Tuffah) and Bir Seba Street in the center of Hebron down on Thursday, along with dozens of businesses, to prevent Palestinians from accessing an area considered sacred by Jewish settlers.

“For the first time, the army allowed settlers to raid a Palestinian area in Bab el-Zaviye at this time of the year, which is something new,” President of the Youth Anti-Settlement Union, Isa Amr, told Anadolu in a statement.

He said fanatic settlers will head to "Hebron tomb" on Bir Seba Street.

Amr said shops were closed and women and children were intimidated.

"This issue is related to strengthening the settlement project in the center of Hebron," he said. "These actions, with increased raids and entering places they haven't entered at this time before, indicate an escalation of tension and the Judaization of Hebron and the remaining areas of the West Bank.”

Jews believe the tomb of Hebron (El-Halil) or Bin Kennas, a Jew who lived in Hebron in history, is located in the basement of a Palestinian's house on Bir Seba Street.

But Palestinians assert that the tomb is not located.

In recent times, Jewish settlers have increased attacks on historical sites and monuments in the occupied West Bank, including areas under the control of the Palestinian administration.

Israeli and Palestinian sources said approximately 650,000 Jewish settlers reside in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

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