Imran got married with Bushra on Jan 1, 2018 to become PM, Aon, Mufti Saeed tell court

ISLAMABAD  -  Mufti Saeed, who performed Nikah rituals of former prime minister and PTI chairman Im­ran Khan and Bushra Bibi, told the court yesterday, “Imran Khan told me that Bushra Bibi had a “prophecy” that if the couple gets married on January 1, 2018, he will get an impor­tant designation of the country.”

Mufti Saeed and PTI’s for­mer leader Aon Chaudhary ap­peared before the court of Ad­ditional Session Judge Qudrat Ullah to record their witness statements in a complaint filed by Khawar Maneka, former husband of Bushra about the Nikah of Imran and Bushra dur­ing the Iddat period and having illicit relationship before Nikah.

Rizwan Abbasi, counsel of Khawar Maneka was also pres­ent inside the court room. 

Mufti Saeed told the court that he had cordial terms with Imran Khan and in December 2017 he asked him to come to Lahore to perform his Nikah with Bushra Bibi. He per­formed Nikah rituals on Janu­ary 1, 2018. Before the Nikah, he asked a woman who was claiming to be sister of Bushra Bibi if the Shariah obligations are fulfilled for the Nikah cer­emony upon which he was told yes and then he did the rituals. Mufti Saeed didn’t mention the name of that the woman.

Mufti Saeed further said in his statement that after the Nikah the couple started living in Bani Gala. He further said that in February, he received a call from Bani Gala that they will have to do Nikah ceremo­ny again but it will be verbal­ly this time. When he inquired from Imran Khan of redoing this, he told him the Iddat pe­riod wasn’t over at the time of first Nikah as the divorce hap­pened in November 2017 and he did that because Bushra had the “prophecy” that he would get an important desig­nation in the government if the Nikah was performed on Janu­ary 1, 2018. 

Later, Aon Chaudhry told the court Imran Khan had di­vorced Reham Khan via email on the directions of Bushra while she was travelling abroad in November 2015. Imran Khan was mentally upset after the divorce and wanted to seek spiritual guid­ance. Aon Chaudhry claimed that he took Mr. Khan to Buhs­ra Bibi many times and later Imran also visited Bushra in his absence. 

Aon Chaudhry also told the court that on December 31, 2017, Imran told him that he wanted to marry Bushra Bibi. He asked Khan about Bushra Bibi’s previous marriage upon which he was told that she has taken divorce.

Aon Chaudhry said that, Zulfi Bukhari and him were witness of the Nikah. 

“When the news about Nikah before Iddat period came to light the next day on media, it shocked everyone and Mr. Khan told everyone to keep quiet and said they’ll do Nikah again on any date between 16 to 18 Feb­ruary”. Aon Chaudhry further added that, “Imran Khan told me that Nikah was important on Jan 1st, 2018 because Bushra Bibi had revelation that I’ll be­come prime minister if Niakah is performed on that day.”

The court will record testimo­ny of their witness Shakeel who was servant of Khwar Mane­ka on December, 2. Mufti Saeed and Aon Chaudhry didn’t an­swer any questions of reporters after the court hearing.

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