No PA business till production of Nazir Chohan: PA Speaker

Ch Parvez Elahi adjourns assembly session for next day without taking up any item on agenda

LAHORE - Infuriated by non-production of ruling party’s legislator Nazir Chohan, Punjab Assembly Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi adjourned the session for next day without taking up any item on agenda on Thursday. 

Visibly perturbed Speaker threatened convening session on daily basis without taking up any item on agenda until implementation on production orders issued by his office a couple of days back. 

As the session started after the delay of more than three hours from its scheduled time, ruling party legislator Saeed Akbar Niwani drew attention of the chair towards non-implementation on production orders for Nazir Chohan.  “Our member was arrested two days ago for asking a non-elected member of cabinet that whether he is a Muslim or Qadyani,” said Niwani, who is also parliamentary leader of Jahangir Khan Tareen Group. He was referring to Advisor to Prime Minister on Accountability Mirza Shehzad Akbar who lodged an FIR against Nazir Chohan for questioning his religious beliefs in a TV talk-show and then launching campaign against him on social media. Chohan was first arrested by the police and later by the FIA on his release on bail. FIA has also obtained his two days remand.

“Nazir Chohan asked about the religious beliefs of Shehzad Akbar regarding the finality of Prophethood (PBUH). He can rightly ask as Shehzad Akbar is holding a high office of the country,” Niwani said. He alleged that Shehzad Akbar is also directing the FIA to treat him badly in the custody. “Mr Speaker, where is Nazir Chohan as you issued his production orders,” asked senior parliamentarian. PML-N’s Pir Ashraf Rasool also supported his colleague from the treasury benches. He said Shehzad Akbar is an ‘un-reigned horse’ that needed to be reigned in as the House echoed with slogans against PM’s aide.  The chair expressed anger on non-production of JKT Group member in the House. 

“Why Nazir Chohan has not been produced in the House?” asked infuriated Elahi. “Do these people (bureaucrats) want to wage a war against the parliament?,” he questioned.  He said that the House had unanimously passed the MPAs’ privileges bill and bureaucrats would not be allowed to infringe upon the privileges of honorable members.

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