Saving the corrupt

When conviction was closed, many were provided cover. Both the Prime Minister (PM) and the Chief Minister (CM) of the largest province of the federation were asked to appear in the court.
Earlier Dr Rizwan, Director FIA who was pursuing the case was removed and later passed away due to cardiac arrest at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC). Thus ended the professional innings of a very bold and upright Police officer, may his soul rest in peace. He valiantly stood his ground but was removed after the change of regime and eventually perished. Defiance in the land of the pure comes with a heavy cost.
After the cases, came the Exit Control List (ECL). Most names have been removed from the ECL enabling them to resume their activities. It includes Shahbaz Sharif the PM and Asif Zardari the Co-Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). The current man-made crises are mind-boggling. The term apolitical is being praised. There are rules of engagement and disengagement, if not followed, the result is the chaos that we witness today.
Kaptaan is a fighter, he will not submit. The Niazi family of Imran has traditions of valour and integrity. His father Ikramulla Niazi was a foreign qualified engineer who stood his ground against the onslaught of the tyranny of Nawab Amir Muhammad Khan, the Governor.
Finally, he decided to quit government service to start his engineering consultancy which continued till his death. Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi was another proud son of the Niazi clan of Mianwali who had the guts to tell Zia-ul-Haq (You lie after praying, while Bhutto lies after drinking). Imran Khan will fight till the last ball, despite the odds pitted against him. He has succeeded in mobilising the masses. A sovereign Pakistan is now on the cards, no more compromises against national interests.
There is a famous American saying, ‘You can run but not hide’. After Liaquat Ali Khan and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Imran Khan emerged as a real Prime Minister who means business. National interests will now be kept supreme. Pakistan will no longer be ruled by the Draconian/Colonial Government of India Acts of 1923 and 1930. Being a constitutional democracy, the will of the people must prevail through free and fair elections.
Any attempt to rig the electoral process will result in serious backlash and confrontation. The corrupt have been served already, any attempt to force them into the corridors of power against the will of the people will result in dire consequences which may not be sustainable even in the short term.
This charade must end soon for normalcy to return. An interim setup is the need of the hour followed by free and fair elections. We were raised believing that crime does not pay. For us the first-born free generation of Pakistan, perhaps it is now or never. We must go under in peace or remain restless forever in an incomplete struggle for real freedom.

The writer is Ex-Chairman Pakistan Science Foundation, email:

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