InDrive partners with Vlektra to pave path towards sustainable transportation

KARACHI - InDrive, a leading ride-hailing company, has announced its groundbreaking partnership with Vlektra, a cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, to introduce electric bikes to its fleet in Pakistan. This marks a significant milestone in the nation’s transportation landscape, driving the country towards a sustainable future. This partnership represents a pivotal moment in Pakistan’s ride-hailing industry, as InDrive becomes the first company to integrate EVs into its fleet. This move signifies a collective commitment to combat pollution and promote environmental sustainability by reducing carbon emissions and fostering a greener way to travel. The partnership extends beyond the mere introduction of EVs. InDrive has launched a contest aimed at promoting awareness about EVs and environmental sustainability. The contest will reward the best-performing drivers with free EV bikes, not only encouraging a shift towards sustainable transportation but also educating the public about the benefits of EV technology. “This collaboration between InDrive and Vlektra marks an exciting step forward in our commitment to sustainability and innovation in Pakistan,” said Roman Ermoshin, Director of the APAC region at inDrive. “This partnership signifies our concerted effort to introduce electric bikes, driving a significant shift towards a cleaner, more eco-conscious future in the region. Together, we’re pioneering change in sustainable transportation.” Fatiq Bin Khursheed, Co-founder of Vlektra, echoed this sentiment, stating, “Vlektra’s partnership with inDrive heralds a pioneering move in Pakistan’s ride-hailing landscape, introducing electric vehicles for sustainable mobility. This collaboration embodies innovation, setting a new eco-conscious standard in the region. Vlektra’s cutting-edge EV technology aims to reduce emissions and promote eco-friendly transport.” This strategic partnership between inDrive and Vlektra is poised to set a precedent in the transportation industry. 

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