Silver jubilee

It has been 25 years since Pakistan became a nuclear power. May 28, 1998, is a memorable day when Pakistan emerged as the first Islamic nuclear power in front of the world and made the country’s defense invincible by conducting successful nuclear tests, after which this day is remembered as Yom Takbeer. Today, the entire nation is celebrating the silver jubilee of this glorious success with a renewed pledge that neither the defense of Pakistan will be allowed nor the honor of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the protection of the motherland. The character will be limited. Pakistan conducted these nuclear tests in response to India’s nuclear explosions.
India, which had conducted its initial nuclear test in 1974 and then carried out 6 nuclear explosions in May 1998 under its nefarious ambitions, sounded the alarm not only for Pakistan but also for the peace-loving nations of South Asia and the entire world. In these circumstances, Pakistan had no choice but to carry out its own nuclear tests in response to India’s nuclear explosions. World powers were not in favor of it but Pakistan did not accept any pressure. Its political and military leadership, responding to the voice of the nation, decided to conduct nuclear tests and finally made Pakistan a nuclear power by conducting nuclear tests in the mountains of Chagai on May 28, 1998. Happy 25th Takbeer Day to the people of Pakistan.
Undoubtedly, Pakistan’s nuclear capability increased its importance and status. Now it is the responsibility of all of us to not only maintain this global prestige but also to take it to further achievements. Pakistan’s nuclear program was and is always peaceful. India always tried to impose war and Pakistan had to defend itself.

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