Probe reveals US-made weapons used in Mianwali PAF base terror attack

ISLAMABAD  -  The security agencies of Pakistan, investigating the foiled terrorist attack on the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) base Mianwali, have found that the weapons used by the terrorists were US made.

These were the startling revelations which have surfaced in the aftermath of the recent attack on the PAF Mianwali air base, raising concerns about these weapons origin and availability with the terrorists.

During the attack on the PAF Mianwali air base, the terrorists were found to be armed with foreign made weapons, shedding light on the international implications of the incident. 

The weapons recovered from the terrorists were examined after taking into possession and it was established that all of these weapons were of American made, a shocking fact that has sent shockwaves that how terrorists got it.

The arsenal confiscated from the militants included RPG-7, AK- 74, M-4, and M-16/A4 Rifles, all of which are of American manufacture. According to the security experts, the American-manufactured ammunitions are openly available in Afghanistan, and terrorists have easy access to such weapons in Afghanistan. Various weapons sellers are selling these weapons to militant outfits in Afghanistan who use it against Pakistan. This fact highlights the concerns about the utilization of Afghan territories and foreign-made weapons against Pakistan and the potential misuse of American- supplied weapons in the hands of insurgents after the American troops withdrawal from Afghanistan. In July last, American weapons and equipment were used in the Zhob Cantonment terrorist attack by terrorists. The Afghan interim government faces the immense challenge of how to prevent the use of their territory by terrorists against Pakistan. The revelation of foreign-made ammunition raises many questions about the security landscape in the region and the need for international cooperation to address this pressing issue. According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), at least nine terrorists were killed during the combing and clearance operation at the Pakistan Air Force Airbase in Mianwali on Saturday last. Demonstrating the exceptional courage and timely response, three terrorists were neu¬- tralised while entering the base while remaining 3 terrorists were cornered/isolated due to timely and effective response by the troops. However, during the attack, some damage to three already grounded aircraft and a fuel bowser also occurred.

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