Being unified  

Our country is teetering perilously on the precipice of collapse, confronting the haunting specter of existential crisis. It is in the vice-like grip of bewildering chaos with an inexorable crisis: tempestuous political tides, staggering bouts of inflation, and resurgent terrorism. All have coalesced, engulfing the country. The atmosphere is shrouded in the grim aura of gloom and despondency that is emanating from every corner. 

Moreover, the conundrum of internal rifts has sullied the very core value of our national tapestry—unity— that is of unequivocal primacy. At this critical juncture, it is of paramount importance and it behooves everyone, especially the powerful echelons, to transcend above their petty quagmires of discord, egotism, and power struggles and forge a united front to combat the cataclysmic crisis that plagues the country. 

Otherwise, if the status quo continues, it will be not long enough before we descend into the abyssal zone, where there will be no flicker of hope nor a chance for metamorphosis. Moreover, the responsibility of desolating this beautiful country, enshrined in the annals of history through inestimable sacrifices, will rest solely on our shoulders.



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