NFL marks entry into agriculture through Seed to Table project

KARACHI-National Foods Limited has launched a project “Seed to Table” to address raw material import hurdles which in turn would enhance Pakistan’s food security and elevate the domestic agricultural ecosystem to foster farmer empowerment through investment and job creation.
National Foods Limited is taking proactive measures by introducing a sustainable solution for its value chain. This endeavour doesn’t just strengthen its supply chain, but also contributes to reshaping the agricultural sector positively. Seed to Table represents a beacon of resilience, self-sufficiency, and empowerment in these challenging times.
By fostering direct collaboration with the agricultural community, National Foods Limited is leading the new era of growth and stability. The project encompasses partnerships with different prominent stakeholders to come together and jointly work on developing the tomato and red chilli value chain. Mr Abrar Hasan, CEO of National Foods Limited, stated, “In a time of economic challenges, Seed to Table represents our commitment to guide Pakistan towards a better future. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this important change, as we transform the business and localise our operations.”
With the Seed to Table initiative, National Foods Limited is committed to reshaping the narrative of sustaining the supply chain within the food industry, thus significantly improving the entire value chain. By effectively addressing the hurdles associated with raw material imports, National Foods is not only revolutionising its operational procedures, but also enhancing food security and localisation efforts while upholding sustainability at its core.
As Pakistan navigates economic uncertainties, National Foods Limited’s Seed to Table initiative serves as a beacon of hope and progress. Through proactive collaboration and innovation, the company stands strong to invest and shape a future where resilience is rewarded, localization prevails, and economy thrives.