Workshop focusses on quality higher education for nation building

PESHAWAR   -  The Progress Review Meeting and Consultative Workshop for Un­derstanding and Effective Imple­mentation of Pakistan’s Precept, Standards, and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Edu­cation (PSG-2023) at higher edu­cation institutions of the country on Tuesday.

This is part of the series of work­shops HEC is going to conduct across four regions of the country.

The consultative meeting for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region was held in collaboration with Khyber Medical University (KMU) Pesha­war here on Tuesday.

The workshop signifies a piv­otal step forward in advancing quality assurance practices and transforming the higher educa­tion institutions (HEIs) across Pa­kistan.

Esteemed dignitaries and rep­resentatives from various edu­cational institutions gathered to participate in this consultative QA workshop, include Arshad Khan, Secretary Higher Education, Khy­ber Pakhtunkhwa; Vice Chancel­lor KMU Prof Dr Zia Ul Haq; Reg­istrar KMU Inam Ullah; and Nasir Shah, Director General of Quality Assurance HEC Islamabad. Their presence underscored a collec­tive commitment to enhancing the quality of education through effective implementation of PSG-2023.

Dr Aasya Bukhari, Director of Quality Assurance at KMU, wel­comed the attendees on behalf of KMU and Nasir Shah shared the significance of the workshop in understanding and implement­ing PSG-2023. He provided a com­prehensive overview of the work­shop’s objectives and initiatives aimed at ensuring adherence to quality standards across HEIs.

In his address, VC Prof Dr Zia Ul Haq emphasized the critical im­portance of PSG-2023 in trans­forming higher education to­wards an enhancement-focused and student-centered approach. He stressed the global relevance of this framework and its impact on educational standards.

Nasir Shah, Director General of Quality Assurance at HEC, elabo­rated on the multifaceted bene­fits of PSG-2023. He emphasized how quality assurance frame­works contribute to maintain and elevate educational stand­ards, enhancing the reputation of HEIs both nationally and interna­tionally, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and ac­countability.

Chief guest Arshad Khan reit­erated the pivotal role of higher education institutions in driving positive societal transformations. He emphasized the importance of PSG-2023 in ensuring robust schooling and quality teaching systems across the region.

The consultative workshop will be held until May 18, serves as a platform to promote understand­ing and effective implementation of PSG-2023, highlighting its piv­otal role in upholding and en­hancing educational standards across Pakistan.

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