JI urges govt to raise its voice for Palestine

Says normalising relations with Israel for financial gains not acceptable

LAHORE  -   Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman has said that any attempt to normalise relations with Israel for financial gains and the two-state solution to the Palestine issue is not acceptable at all. Addressing a Palestine Solidarity March in Lahore, he reiterated his stance against the government, which he said came to power through fraudulent means, asserting that the people have lost faith in it to champion the cause of Palestine. Nevertheless, Hafiz Naeemur- Rehman emphasized that the JI demanded the government to raise its voice for Palestine or brace itself for the wrath of the people. Referring to Quaid-i-Azam’s stance, he denounced Israel as an illegitimate state, formed by seizing Palestinian Muslim land. He said Pakistani rulers now are being offered dollars to recognize Palestine and relinquish Kashmir, warned that the nation would vehemently resist such schemes. The Ameer JI called for a summit of Muslim nations and non-Muslim states sympathetic to the Palestinian cause to advocate for a ceasefire. He urged Islamabad to extend medical assistance to Gazans, especially children, as a minimum gesture of support. Thousands, including children and women, attended the solidarity rally. Hafiz Naeem condemned the US, Israel, and India as the three foremost terrorist countries responsible for civilian bloodshed and gross human rights violations. He hailed the people of Gaza for their historic resilience, considering it a lesson for the entire Muslim community. He emphasized that a cowardly life held no honour and respect, foreseeing a not-too-distant future where Palestine would be liberated, reshaping the map of the Middle East. He decried Israel’s indiscriminate killing of civilians, lamenting US support for its aggression while Muslim leaders looked to Washington for a ceasefire. Ameer JI highlighted global solidarity with the people of Gaza, with many in Western nations speaking out against the injustice and advocating for a ceasefire, contrasting sharply with their leaders’ support for Israel’s actions.

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