Bureaucrat refuses to take charge as secy to president


ISLAMABAD  -  The crisis at the Presi­dent House after the re­moval of Waqar Ahmed, secretary to president, over the controversy of president’s signing of two important bills has further deepened as the female senior of­ficer, Humaira Ahmed, required by the presi­dency to replace the out­going secretary has re­fused to take her charge.

These important bills included the Pakistan Army Act Amendment and Official Secret Act Amendment Bills.

The controversy over these important bills emerged the other day when President Alvi on his per­sonal social media on X (for­merly known as Twitter) ac­count had claimed that he didn’t sign these legislations. Later, the President House on the directives of Presi­dent Arif Alvi had removed Secretary to the President Waqar Ahmed and asked the government for the ap­pointment of another senior officer for this post. Humai­ra Ahmed, a BPS-22 officer, however, communicated to both the Presidency and the Establishment Division about her inability to serve as secretary to the Presi­dent. The President House on the directives of Presi­dent Alvi the other day had returned the services of his Principal Secretary Waqar Ahmed and desired that Hu­maira Ahmed, a BPS-22 of­ficer, be appointed as prin­cipal secretary, however, she refused to serve at this position for unknown rea­sons. The incumbent secre­tary to the President Waqar Ahmed has yet to relinquish his charge at the presidency, after he wrote a letter to the President on Monday last in which he requested the President to review his deci­sion. The President said that he no longer needed the ser­vices of Waqar Ahmed and these services were imme­diately handed over to the Establishment Division. Hu­maira Ahmed is currently working as secretary of the Narcotics Division.

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