Law minister for inclusion of rehab aspects in Anti-Narcotics Act

ISLAMABAD  -  Minister for Law and Justice Azam Nazeer Tarar on Tuesday announced the inclusion of rehabilitation aspects in Anti-Narcotics Act, reflecting the government’s commitment to holistic approach in addressing drug-related issues. The inaugural session of the Reimagining Justice Conference: “Public Health and Human Rights Centred Drug Policy” organized by Justice Project Pakistan, commenced on Tuesday with a keynote address by the Federal Minister for Law and Justice.

The conference, aimed at addressing the pressing issues surrounding drug policy, featured the presentation of the OHCHR’s report on human rights challenges in combating the global drug problem. The law minister emphasized the importance of collaboration among all stakeholders for building a better world. He acknowledged the diverse perspectives on punishments in narcotics cases and highlighted the government’s efforts to abolish the death penalty in consultation with relevant departments and stakeholders.

The minister underscored the state’s responsibility to ensure that no individual faces unjust penalties. He pledged to introduce reforms and amendments regarding probation in the Anti- Narcotics Act during the upcoming National Assembly session, signaling proactive steps toward comprehensive policy enhancement. Assuring cooperation and coordination among governmental departments and international organizations, the minister reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to working in harmony with entities such as the UN and EU to tackle drug-related challenges effectively. The Reimagining Justice Conference serves as a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration among policy makers, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders, with a shared goal of advancing human rights centred drug policies in Pakistan and beyond.

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