Illiteracy in Balochistan  

Balochistan has high rates of illiteracy. This includes urban-rural and girls’ education being denied. Whereas, in some other regions parents are unable to educate their children due to poverty and unemployment. Now, inflation has made it impossible for jobless parents to send their children to a government school. These families were already counting each penny before spending and can hardly afford a one-time meal. Overall, the 2017 Census showed that the literacy rate in Balochistan is less than 43.58 percent. Likewise, among 34 districts only 6 districts in Balochistan have gained improvements in the literacy rate.

In contemplation of the current situation of illiteracy in Balochistan, the government must improve and increase the number of schools in each district. Likewise, everyone must expand the benefits of education for both girls and boys among everyone in their neighborhood and on social media pages in order to diminish illiteracy.



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