Motivation does wonders  

For a positive workplace environment, it is imperative that Managers use encouragement as a tool to motivate their employees. Encouragement, positive feedback, and applause yield numerous benefits.

First, it leads to motivating your employees. Psychologists tell us that every human has a basic need to feel recognized. When employees are recognized for their services, they will naturally perform better. When this happens in public, they feel cherished and important. This leads to greater productivity and efficiency. Likewise, it is equally important to criticize privately. This enables improvement in areas where an employee lacks.

Secondly, encouragement costs nothing but can be very impactful. Whereas HR training and seminars have a financial cost, few sincere, positive words for an employee are totally free. Moreover, it can be done anytime and anywhere. Eventually, employees genuinely respect such managers. From an HR perspective, the overall “Job Satisfaction” of employees improves.

Additionally, positivity is always contagious. When an employee receives appreciation for his work, he/she tends to act in a similar way toward those reporting to him. For example, a Senior Manager who publicly praised a Line Manager is also teaching the Line Manager how to treat his/her subordinates the same way. Ultimately, it leads to a highly productive work culture where hard work is never “wasted.”

Lastly, motivating others helps oneself too. If one thinks in terms of energy, then whatever is sent out eventually comes back to oneself. So, if managers behave negatively towards their colleagues or subordinates, they are simply harming themselves in the long run. Managers who motivate their team, therefore, radiate an aura of positivity that helps themselves and their team to succeed.

Based on these reasons, it can be said that the power of encouragement should never be underestimated. In other words, Motivation is the energy that keeps employees performing faster, longer and better.



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