Illegal cigarettes seized, destroyed by dist admin

PESHAWAR  -  Smuggled and illicit cigarettes were confiscated and swiftly destroyed by the district administration across various localities, following the directives of Deputy Commissioner Peshawar, Afaq Wazir.

Under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner Afaq Wazir, Additional Assistant Commissioner Sameera Saba, accompanied by Project Coordinator for Tobacco Control, Jamil Shah, executed operations targeting illegal cigarette trade in University Town, Naser Bagh Road, and neighboring areas.

A total of 40 shops faced action, resulting in the seizure and eradication of contraband cigarettes and other banned items. The authorities also ensured the disposal of unauthorized advertising materials.

During the operation, Additional Assistant Commissioner Sameera Saba emphatically communicated to shopkeepers the strict prohibition on selling illegal cigarettes. She emphasized the imperative to refrain from vending to individuals below 18 years of age and warned of stringent consequences for those caught violating this mandate. 

Furthermore, shopkeepers received guidance to avoid openly displaying cigarettes and were urged to keep them separate from food and beverage items. 

Deputy Commissioner Afaq Wazir reiterated the need for shopkeepers to exercise caution, even in open cigarette sales, and maintain a clear demarcation from food and drink products.

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