In conversation with Digital Marketer, Ayaz Akram Awan

With an ever increasing pace of digitalization, especially after COVID, businesses are looking for their respective digital spaces. 

Our co-shared digital platforms work in a strategic way that - based on specific strategies - digital marketers rank their client companies on top by playing well with algorithms. 

What formula do they put in it or what strategy do they adopt? You can never fully master everything on your own. 

That's where our digital heroes come into the show. Let’s meet Ayaz Awan - CEO of Denzly Digital, who not only completed international projects but helped several Pakistani startups to grow from the scratch and become established brands. 

Ayaz has worked with renowned brands in Pakistan and is continuously increasing his performance catalogue. 

As a Pakistani digital marketer, he is on his way to leave his imprint on foreign markets including America and UK - where he has signed a couple of deals with Real Estate, Fashion & Lifestyle, and Tech industries, altogether. 

“It is my passion to grow startups. You have a big field to play on and competitors to compete with” - Ayaz Awan.

He is quite a challenge acceptor! In the digital marketing field, he is known by his core mantra to increase business sales upto 10x the original number. 

Ayaz has not only lifted businesses but mentored young people who he had explored to have in-born entrepreneur abilities. 

Around 100k students of Ayaz are either working with multinational companies or having their own businesses by now. 

Moreover, he is passionate about community building and “growing together”.

According to him, “If anything can save Pakistan’s future, it's the youth of Pakistan and their potential”. 

Let’s not forget the ever increasing pace of digital revolution around the globe and how we all need digital heroes like Ayaz Awan to help businesses grow and flourish. It's his vision on digital media that we all need to be inspired from. 

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