Health activists underscore importance of health levy on tobacco products

ISLAMABAD-Health activists have urgently appealed to the government to take prompt action to safeguard the health and well-being of our nation’s children through the immediate introduction of a health levy on tobacco products.
In a press release shared by the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC), in light of the alarming increase in tobacco-related health concerns among children and adolescents, health activists underscored the critical importance of implementing a health levy.
Such a measure not only serves to curtail the use of these harmful products but also provides essential funding for initiatives aimed at enhancing child health.
Malik Imran Ahmed, Country Head of the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, emphasized the severe health risks posed to our children and adolescents by tobacco use.
He emphasized that the introduction of a health levy on tobacco products has a well-documented track record of reducing youth smoking rates and deterring tobacco consumption. 
The time has come for our government to take resolute steps to protect the health and rights of our youngest citizens.
Dr. Ziauddin Islam, former Technical Head of the Tobacco Control Cell at the Ministry of Health, drew attention to the widely recognized detrimental consequences of tobacco use on the overall health of our population.
He stressed the urgency of prioritizing the health and well-being of our children by implementing a health levy on tobacco products. The generated revenue can be channeled into comprehensive tobacco control programs, further fortifying our endeavors to mitigate tobacco-related illnesses and safeguard our youth.
Khalil Ahmed, Program Manager at SPARC, emphasized that children represent the most vulnerable segment of our society, and their health and well-being must be accorded the highest priority.
Implementing a health levy on tobacco products is not only a strategic measure to reduce tobacco consumption among our youth but also a means to generate funding for programs that will ensure a healthier future for our children. We fervently call upon the government to take this vital step to protect the rights and well-being of our nation’s youth.a

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