Pakistani President heaps praise on Biznet’s aim to train 1,000 women as game developers

Transforming Hub organised the BizNet 2023 in venture with Women Business Network, which is a crucial programme in business world. The theme was “Celebrating Diversity, Inclusion and Pakistan Startups” and it was in continuation of the previous year’s event.

The event was attended by intelligent people of the industry and companies doing unique work. The participants expressed their views on bringing all genders and nationalities together and including women in national mainstream and business activities.

Bizenet 2023 offered multiple opportunities for participants of the event, includizg a chance to meet and learn from the successful people in the field. It was hosted by Umar Khokhar.

New dimensions and new solutions are being offered to the business world on a daily basis. In the programme, the speech of Iftikhar Hussain, Chief Executive Officer of Transforming Hub and Founder of Women Business Network, received special attention when he announced training 1,000 women as game developers.

He said Biznet aims to bring the legacy of big businesses, financial institutions, policymakers and successful startups under one roof to initiate a much-needed collaboration for the rapid growth of economy.

Iftikhar Hussain reiterated his commitment to organise Pakistan's first women sports gala to highlight the importance of women's health in the business world of Pakistan.He thanked District 101, Euro Oil Pvt. Ltd. Sunridge, PopCorn Studio, Eventor, Toss Down and Marina Homes for making the event a success.

Faryal Sadiq, Chief Sustainability Officer of Interloop startup, spoke about extending technical support to women to ensure equity and diversity in businesses.

At the end, President Alvi awarded appreciation shields to heads of the companies promoting diversity and inclusion. He conferred a shield on Iftikhar Hussain for his efforts to end gender discrimination in the field. Speaking on the occasion, the president said helping women promote their business startups through information technology was the fastest route to their empowerment.

Dr Alvi also awarded an appreciation shield to Sohail Ahmad, Chief Operating Officer of Euro Oil, for his efforts to promote green energy and electric vehicles.

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