Surgical workshop of International Paediatric meeting concludes successfully

KARACHI-The first phase of the International Pediatric Urology Conference, which held a series of surgical demonstrations concluded here.  The session was a part of the four-day conference jointly organized by the Asian Pacific Association of Pediatrics (APAPU) and SIUT (Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation). Some three hundred delegates including some internationally renowned surgeons took part in the deliberations beside surgeons from various parts of the country.
In the first phase which lasted for two days, some procedures were performed which were both essential as well as prerequisite for juniors and senior surgeons.   The highlight of these surgical procedures was that they were performed at three different theatres simultaneously and transmitted to the audience in an auditorium.  Speakers taking part in the discussion particularly highlighted the causes of the commonest disease among the children population of Pakistan.
The surgical procedures were followed by an exhaustive discussion on the surgical technique related to reconstructive procedures and prevailing ailments among the children population of Pakistan. Professor Philip Ransley moderated the entire proceedings.
Prominent surgeons who took part in the exercise included Dr Philips Ransley from UK, Professor Marc-David Leclair of France, Professor Alaa El Ghoneimi from France, and Gianantonio Manzoni from Italy. Also present at the session were members of SIUT faculty and founder Director Professor Adib Rizvi.  The second part of the conference which will focus on scientific papers will begin on Friday.

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