ISLAMABAD - MQM has started holding meetings with major opposition parties to garner their support in parliament after cacophony of noises urging Farooq Sattar-led MQM to abandon Altaf Hussain.

The party’s members, on the directions of Faroq Sattar, will secretly hold meetings with main opposition parties’ members to mitigate situation arises after controversial remarks of Altaf Hussain.

The party has planned to convey a clear message about the much-discussed division in MQM after a tweet of MQM’s former spokesman/senior member Wasay Jalil.

Jalil in his tweet clearly disowned minus-Altaf formula announced by Farooq Sattar. “Altaf Hussain is MQM & MQM is Altaf Hussain. We will not accept any resolution in NA,” he tweeted, against the recent strategy cum policy of Farooq Sattar-led MQM.

As, MQM was planning to bring a resolution using technical wording to condemn controversial remarks of all political parties leaders, including Altaf Hussian.

The purpose of submitting a resolution, sources said, is to mitigate the anger of both treasury and opposition benches and avert any planning to impose article-6 on Altaf Hussian.

MQM leader Farooq Sattar, after the controversial remarks by Altaf Hussain, had twice announced to disassociate party from London office and Altaf Hussian, demanding not to demolish party offices in Karachi and other places.

MQM MNAs the other day held meeting with PPP’s senior members, requesting them to support it in parliament in this tough situation.

Sources said MQM senior members will hold series of meetings with other opposition parties. “MQM will make efforts to convince other opposition parties to support them in parliament,” they said.

MQM members have also made a list of controversial remarks against national interest uttered by senior national leaders.

“The list of these remarks might be submitted to Speaker and can also be shared with the house, if opposition and government jointly intend to target MQM,” they said.

A senior MQM lawmaker, desiring not be named, said MQM’s parliamentary leader Farooq Sattar would make all-out efforts to convince the house (National Assembly) to avoid locking horns with other major parties.

Both the opposition parties (PPP and PTI) have already submitted resolutions, for upcoming National Assembly session, against the controversial remarks of Altaf Hussain.

Earlier, Punjab Assembly has also recently adopted a resolution against controversial remarks of Altaf Hussian.

“This House vociferously condemns Altaf Hussain’s anti-Pakistan speeches in recent days while addressing his party workers,” the resolution read.

“His (Altaf Hussian) derogatory remarks against the country which gave him an identity and standing in the national and international arena are totally unacceptable to each and every person loyal to this country,” it stated.