Incompetent PTF deprives talented Pakistani juniors of featuring in the World Group event

LAHORE - The incompetence of Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) officials has deprived talented junior players of the opportunity to represent their country in the prestigious World Group event in Czech Republic.  Former PTF Secretary, Col (R) Asif Dar, expressed his dismay, highlighting the missed chance for young players to showcase their skills on the international stage. Col Dar revealed that Abubakar Talha, Hamza Roman, and Aamir Mazari, along with coach Heera Ashiq, had all secured their spots in the World Group after triumphing in pre-qualified and qualified tournaments.  
“It was a momentous occasion as Pakistani juniors had qualified for the World Group after an impressive 26-year gap. The World Group event, featuring the top 16 teams globally, can be proved as an excellent platform for these talented players to test their mettle against the best in the world.  “However, the joyous prospect turned sour due to the PTF officials’ negligence. They failed to fulfill their responsibilities by applying for visas in a timely manner. As a result, the highly skilled players and the future of Pakistani tennis were left unable to compete against the world’s best,” he added.  
“In an attempt to salvage the situation, the PTF hastily arranged for foreign passport holders, including Amir Mazari, Nabeel Ali Qayum, and Samir Zaman, along with coach Zain Nawab, to represent the country. However, this last-minute action did little to rectify the damage caused by the lack of foresight and professionalism on the part of the federation,” he asserted. 
Col Dar urged the Prime Minister and sports authorities to take decisive action against the incompetent PTF officials. He stressed the importance of holding them accountable for their actions. “By taking a strong stance and imposing significant penalties, the authorities could set an example and deter others from neglecting their duties in the future.  
“To prevent any recurrence of such disastrous incidents, an immediate ad-hoc committee should be established to thoroughly investigate the recent mismanagement at PTF during their overstayed tenure. This ad-hoc committee must recommend appropriate actions to rectify the situation and pave the way for fair and transparent elections that will allow the genuine stakeholders to come forward and run the PFF affairs in a professional and befitting manner,” Col Dar concluded.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt