Prince Fahad launches Saudi-Pak Tech House initiative, aiming for 300 tech projects worth $100m

The initiative aims to create jobs and promote greater ease of doing business between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

ISLAMABAD    -    Prince Fahad bin Mansour bin Nasser Al Saud, a member of the Saudi royal family, is cur­rently in Pakistan to foster in­creased collaboration in the technology sector between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. During his visit to Islamabad this week, HH Prince Fahad inaugurated the Saudi-Paki­stan Tech House in the capital, with the goal of facilitating in­creased ease of doing business between the two nations and promoting investment in the technology sector

The Prince has been a staunch supporter for more collabo­ration between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in the technolo­gy industry. In recent years, he has partnered with a Pakistani technology business and ob­served the country’s remark­able potential firsthand. Ac­cording to the Prince, Pakistan has the potential to become a worldwide hub for software development, artificial intel­ligence, blockchain technolo­gy, and other emerging tech­nologies, and he is determined to assist the nation in fulfilling this potential.

During an exclusive interview with The Nation, HH Prince Fahad noted that he believes there is much room for im­provement in Pakistan in terms of knowledge transfer, and that he hopes to serve as a conduit for commercial and informa­tion exchanges between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. He is also enthusiastic about promoting the entrepreneurial sector in both nations, and he feels that there are excellent entrepre­neurs in both nations who can work together.

The Saudi-Pakistan Tech House initiative, launched by the Prince in Islamabad, in­tends to establish 300 tech­nology/digital initiatives worth $100 million over the next five years, resulting in the creation of new IT/tech­nology/digital jobs.

“During the course of the next five years, we intend to complete 300 projects with a total value of $100 million,” HH Prince Fahad said. “In the previous five years, our over­all value has reached $10 mil­lion. In addition, we aim to cre­ate over 1,000 jobs in the next five years.”

The effort will focus on deliv­ering tech services to compa­nies in Saudi Arabia and Paki­stan, as well as the rest of the world, and on establishing a platform for entrepreneurs in both nations to connect.

Addressing his role as the President of the Saudi G20 Young Entrepreneurship Alli­ance (YEA) and how it can aid Pakistan, the Prince indicated that he believes Pakistan’s abil­ities and solutions can contrib­ute value to the global econ­omy. He also stated a desire to include additional nations in the YEA alliance, especially those with the potential to have a large economic influence.

HH Prince Fahad said there is potential to increase coopera­tion between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in various industries, including agriculture and real estate. He is undertaking mar­ket research to uncover pro­spective investment opportu­nities in these sectors because he believes there are a great deal of prospects in these in­dustries.

In terms of his key takeaway from a prior visit to Lahore, HH Prince Fahad described the city as Pakistan’s Silicon Valley. “I had the opportunity to tour institutions and organisations operating in the technological industry. And I had the impres­sion that Lahore is Pakistan’s Silicon Valley.” 

The Prince said that he is looking to expand into other regions of Pakistan, because he has noticed a lot of technolog­ical firms in Islamabad. Prince Fahad believes that creating more job opportunities for Pa­kistanis is just the beginning, and that the world has a huge need for technologies, services, manpower, and women’s pow­er. He believes that the demand will help to increase this num­ber to 10x or even more.

In his concluding remarks, HH Prince Fahad reaffirmed his commitment to investing in the technology industry in Pa­kistan and to supporting the Saudi Vision 2030 — under the leadership of King Sal­man bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud — which he believes has a good impact on the global community. He em­phasised his pride in being a part of this vision and his de­sire to include others in its re­alisation. 

“We are really proud and hap­py that we are realising this vi­sion and we we would love to see the whole world adapting to what has been going on in Saudi Arabia and I think that everybody from the world is actually inspired by this vision. So, we are proud and we would love to also have the world adapt to what we’re doing and work with us to make this vi­sion a reality for us and others.”

Prince Fahad remarked that he was captivated by the breathtaking view of the capi­tal from the Margalla Hills. He hopes to view the city at sunset and at night on his next visit.

The writer is Editor, The Nation. He can be reached at and tweets @salmanmasood.

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