Rural education heroes

During my recent visit to Thar­parkar, I stumbled upon a very encouraging and inspirational oc­currence. While discussing the sor­ry state of education in Sindh, espe­cially in Tharparkar, the villagers in the village of Sumit in Nagarparkar Tehsil introduced two teachers as shining examples of commitment and dedication.

These teachers hailed from an­other village located 20 kilometers away. They explained that they re­sided in Sumit for a week at a time, teaching with full dedication. They mentioned that commuting from their own village daily would risk them not arriving on time.

The teachers covered all sub­jects, including science, English, math, and physical education, fol­lowing a stringent schedule of core and extracurricular activi­ties. Although the meeting took place in the late evening hours and school was not in session dur­ing my visit, I was unable to tour the school. However, based on vid­eos shared by the teachers, it was evident that the quality of educa­tion in this remote Thar village was comparable to that of presti­gious schools in cities like Beacon House or City School.

Teachers and parents lament­ed the lack of electricity, furniture, proper drinking water, and oth­er basic facilities at the school. De­spite these challenges, the teachers utilized all their academic and pro­fessional energies to provide qual­ity education to this underprivi­leged area. Unfortunately, there is no encouragement or provision of missing facilities by the education department. The relevant author­ities must conduct field visits and offer support and encouragement to such dedicated teachers.



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