Animals are the most precious creatures of Allah. The beautiful voice of birds provide relaxation to the mind. We need to protect animals. We should facilitate them. Animals decorate our universe. The world is not beautiful without animals. The sky becomes beautiful with birds. Colourful birds increase the beauty of trees. 

We should not hunt birds. We should realize their emotions. These beautiful birds are very innocent and loving. They should be protected. We human beings are more near to the Almighty Allah because we are the custodian of the world He gave us. These beautiful animals and birds are His gifts to us, who always make beautiful our universe with their beautiful voice, colours, and feathers. We should realize our responsibility to save nature from all social diseases. These animals are not apart from us but we are with them and they are with us. Every animal has their own qualities and specification. The dog is famous for its loyalty. The tiger is famous for its boldness. The deer is famous for its innocence. The parrot is famous for its language. All the animals and birds have their own specification.