ISLAMABAD    -   Minister for Informa­tion and Broadcast­ing Marriyum Au­rangzeb has said the people would not re­spond to the call of PTI chief Imran Khan for creating chaos, an­archy and violence in the country. “Imran Khan’s call for pro­test is another hoax as people do not pay heed to those who ridicule the Election Commis­sion and hurl threats on ju­diciary,” Marriyum said in a statement issued here yes­terday. Those who are in­volved in smear campaigns against the martyrs of the Army and hatched conspir­acy to create Sri Lanka like economic turmoil did not get response from the peo­ple, she added. The min­ister said that the people had unanimously respond­ed to the call of Prime Min­ister Shehbaz Sharif who ap­pealed them to help the flood affected people. She castigat­ed Imran Khan for abandon­ing his people in midway of a protest which he announced by himself. He bent on creat­ing chaos and anarchy instead of joining the whole nation in flood relief and rehabilita­tion efforts. She said that Im­ran Khan, who was mired in his ego, wanted to ruin every institution, people and na­tional interests. Imran Khan again wants to reinstall cor­rupt model of governance in the country by imposing peo­ple like Usman Buzdar, Far­ah Khan Gogi and Bushra, she alleged. Marriyum said that Imran Khan, who had an­nounced the so-called “Haqe­eqi Azadi” (real freedom) movement, hired services of a former CIA chief for im­proving his image in the Unit­ed States. She said that Imran Khan was not ready to spend even a penny on flood affect­ees, but had been spending millions of rupee on person­al publicity. The people who squandered billions of rupees on creating chaos and anar­chy can only do hypocrisy, she added. The information min­ister said that Imran Khan had been exposed in people who knew that he used their money to promote himself. People knew that Imran Khan was a “foreign agent.”