Undoubtedly, our economy is going through a drastic phase, it has been the norm of the day since the independence of Pakistan. Whenever the cause was questioned, the incumbent governments always blamed their predecessors and the corrupt masses of the country. For example, when Imran Khan came into power, he accused his predecessor Nawaz Sharif for the economical crisis. Now after the throw-out of Imran Khan our economy is fully collapsed and hyperinflation has worsened the lives of middle-class strata of the country. As this is a common trend to put the responsibility on the shoulder of previous governments, which is why the current government is also blaming Imran’s administration

I wonder how this cycle gets ended! It is all right if previous governments were corrupt but why is the current government doing the same during his tenure. Why does not it bring some economical reforms and viable policies? It means no one is going to impart economical relief to the common public in this country. people have to burn on the fire of the worst kind of inflation all the time. They just have to fight for two-time meals without educating their children and without providing them proper healthcare.

I just want to ask my leaders what is our crime? Is it so because we are your public? Is it so because we vote for you to reach power and then loot us? We have to sustain that much pain because we work day and night to boost the economy for your luxuries? There are many questions I want to ask but cannot get the answer to one. It is our destiny and we have to accept it because our leaders don’t care about us. They just take all the money and put us to pay the debt which they borrow from other countries in order to fulfil their lust. I cannot give a solution to this problem because no one wants to solve it.