Pakistan’s regional exports increase 20.57 percent in 8 months

ISLAMABAD  -  Pakistan’s exports to the seven regional countries witnessed an increase of 20.57 percent in the first eight months of the financial year (2023-24) as compared to the corresponding months of last year.

The country’s exports to the regional countries including Afghanistan, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, and the Maldives account for a small amount of $2,912.102 million, which is 14.17 percent of Pakistan’s overall exports of $20,537.900 million during July-February (2023-24), State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) reported. China tops the list of countries in terms of Pakistan’s exports to its neighbouring, leaving be­hind other countries such as Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Pakistan carried out its border trade with the farther neighbour Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, and Maldives. Pakistan’s exports to China witnessed an increase of 42.02 percent to $1,895.720 million in eight months of this year from $1,334.804 million last year while exports to Afghanistan witnessed a nominal decline of 7.68 percent from $346.522 million to $319.887 million. The country’s exports to Bangladesh also decreased by 19.63 percent to $421.939 million this year from $525.017 million, whereas exports to Sri Lanka rose by 32.31 percent to $266.164 million from $201.165 million. The exports to India increased to $0.230 million from $0.161 million in the previous year. Exports to Nepal increased by 5.66 percent to $2.164 million from 2.048 million while to Mal­dives increased by 8.11 percent to $5.548 million from 5.998 million, it added.

On the other hand, the imports from seven regional countries were record­ed at $8,289.088 million during the period under review as compared to $7,293.738 million during last year, showing an increase of 13.64 per­cent. The imports from China during July-February 2023-24 were record­ed at $8,105.831 million against the $7,065.406 million during July-Febru­ary 2022-23, showing an increase of 7.66 percent during the period. Among other countries, imports from India are worth $138.713 million against the im­ports of $125.569 million, an increase of 10.46 percent while imports from Afghanistan decreased by 59.82 per­cent from $13.540 million to $5.440 million. Meanwhile, imports from Sri Lanka increased to $38.733 million from $35.345 million, whereas Paki­stan imports from Bangladesh record­ed $ 38.770 million from $53.260 mil­lion during last year. The imports from Nepal into the country witnessed a decrease of 68.85 percent from $0.610 million to $0.190 million, it added.

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