Tortured body finally identified as lady journalist

GUJAR KHAN  -  The body of the woman discovered in the Lehry jungle near Sohawa in district Jhelum a month ago has fi­nally been identified as Nosheen Rana, a journalist from the Pak Pat­tan area, according to the police.

As per information provided by the police, a dead body was found in the Lehry forests on March 11. The victim had suffered cuts to her throat, belly, and other areas, with damage to her jaw and her face was intentionally disfigured us­ing acid to conceal her identity. Af­ter collecting her fingerprints and conducting a post-mortem exam­ination, the police temporarily laid her to rest in the local graveyard. Through the use of fingerprints, the woman’s identity has been es­tablished as Rana Nosheen, a jour­nalist working for a local newspa­per in the Sahiwal region.

The police contacted the heirs of the victim, who then met with the investigators in Sohawa. Af­ter discussing the matter, they agreed to let her body remain buried there. The spokesperson for Jhelum Police, Muhammad Imran, told The Nation that the Sohawa police had promptly reg­istered a case under section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code upon discovering the body. 

Imran further mentioned that investigations were currently be­ing conducted from all possible angles. He mentioned the chal­lenge of identifying the body, which was later discovered to be that of a print media journalist from Pak Pattan.

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