Kazakhstan Ambassador, Pakistan Minister for Culture Jamal Shah forge cultural ties

ISLAMABAD   -   In a significant diplomatic ren­dezvous, Ambassador Yer­zhan Kistafin of Kazakhstan met with Caretaker Federal Minister for National Heri­tage and Culture, Syed Jamal Shah, at the National Heri­tage and Culture Division in Islamabad on Tuesday. 

The discussions centred on bolstering cultural exchanges and fostering people-to-peo­ple connections between Ka­zakhstan and Pakistan, par­ticularly in the realms of art, culture, heritage, and cin­ema. The meeting reflects the shared commitment of both nations to deepen un­derstanding and strength­en their already friendly and brotherly relationship.

The Minister emphasized the paramount importance of cultural ties, acknowledg­ing the rich cultural heritage and picturesque landscapes of the region. Both parties ex­pressed a keen interest in en­hancing collaboration in film and cinema to further fortify bilateral cultural relations.

Pakistan plans to organize the second phase of the Chi­na-Pakistan Economic Corri­dor (CPEC) cultural caravan, inviting artists from Central Asian states, including Ka­zakhstan, to showcase the re­gion’s cultural diversity. The Ambassador commended the warm reception and af­firmed future collaboration in various sectors, including cultural exchanges, art, heri­tage, museums, and film.

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