Pakistani officer Zaheer Ahmed receives prestigious TIP Hero Award for anti-trafficking efforts

ISLAMABAD    -   Zaheer Ahmed, a Pakistani law enforcement officer, was honoured with the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Hero award by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a ceremony held yesterday. The award, presented annually, aims to draw international attention to the fight against human trafficking. Officer Ahmed was recognized for his pivotal role in implementing anti-trafficking reforms in the Government of Pakistan, his leadership in capacity building, and his training initiatives, as stated by the US embassy. Ahmed’s efforts were instrumental in Pakistan’s elevation from the TIP Tier 2 Watchlist to Tier 2 in 2022. The TIP Report Hero award acknowledges individuals like Ahmed who exhibit exceptional dedication and inspire others to take action. His unwavering com­mitment to the cause has garnered him respect and admiration among his peers. 

As part of his recognition, Ahmed will embark on an International Visitor Leadership Program tour of the United States, providing an opportunity to meet and learn from fellow anti-TIP leaders.

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