Police pledges swift resolution of public issues

ISLAMABAD   -  DIG Operations Islamabad, Syed Shehzad Nadeem Bukhari, reiter­ated the commitment of the cap­ital city police to promptly re­solve public issues. This assurance came during a khuli kacheri held at Shalimar police station, where senior police officers were also present. During the session, DIG Bukhari personally listened to the complaints and issues raised by citizens and police officials. He ensured that applications were marked to the concerned officers for timely action and directed the submission of reports within the specified timeframe.

Emphasizing the need for accel­erated action against professional beggars and their facilitators, DIG Bukhari underscored a zero-tol­erance policy against bribery and corruption within the police force. He instructed officers to intensify checks on suspicious motorcycles, vehicles, and individuals, utilizing all available resources to address citizens’ concerns effectively.

Furthermore, DIG Bukhari high­lighted the importance of such in­teractions, known as ‘khuli kach­eries’, in fostering friendly policing and promoting self-accountabili­ty among officers. He affirmed that ensuring the protection of citi­zens’ lives, property, and dignity remains the top priority for Islam­abad Capital police. He concluded by expressing the intent to contin­ue such engagements to maximize relief for citizens and ensure imme­diate resolution of their problems.

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