CM Maryam has brought health department to take-off position: Virk

LAHORE   -  Founder Trustee and General Secretary of Dr. AQ Khan Hospital Trust Dr. Shaukat Babar Virk has said that Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz has brought the health department in a take-off position.

The most controversial period of Buz­dar and his political guard father has become a story, now the reins of Punjab are in the hands of the tolerant leader­ship, he said.

It is no longer the sick health depart­ment, it used to be in the past, and the political future of those who used to shine politics in the guise of health cards has become dark. The fresh, determined, good-willed and visionary leadership that came to power from the public man­date has completely turned around the health of government hospitals with the help of the right measures, he added.

In one of his statements, Dr. Shaukat Babar Virk further said that no one will be deprived of the fruits of the purposeful reforms of Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz and Provincial Health Minister Khawaja Imran Nazir. The health depart­ment was in dire need of such healthy reforms. Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz and her team member Khawaja Imran Nazir have taken the sick and their loved ones as their hostages with the power of tireless service and sincerity. He said that Punjab Health Minister Kha­waja Imran Nazir keeping his hand on the pulse of the health department and treating the deprivations of the sick who turn to government hospitals for modern medical facilities is a sad sign of the be­ginning of a new era in Punjab. 

Health Minister Khawaja Imran Nazir is working day and night to make Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz’s “Healthy Punjab Vision” sustainable and fruitful.

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