PM calls for economic justice at Paris Summit

PARIS   -   Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Thursday called on the international community to come up with a plan for fair, eq­uitable and judicious distribution of resourc­es to ensure sustainable peace and harmony in the world.

Speaking here at the summit for a "New Global Financing Pact", he said North had made progress and they would look forward to implementing its expe­riences in Pakistan, for providing jobs and live­lihoods and for promot­ing industry and agri­culture by learning from its model of success.

"It must be remem­bered that if South is in trouble the world can't move ahead. We are like one body and if one limb of the body is in trou­ble it is painful for the rest of the body as well.”

The prime minister said last year, Pakistan faced devastating floods due to climate change and in those floods 33 million peo­ple were affected, millions of acres of standing crops were washed away, 1700 people including children died and half a million ani­mals were drowned.

Two million houses were either completely demol­ished or partially damaged, he said, adding the people of Pakistan bravely faced the devastating impacts of the floods. He said his gov­ernment had to spend hun­dreds of millions of dollars from its own scarce re­sources to give financial as­sistance to the flood affect­ees all over the country.

“We are very grateful to friendly countries across the globe for the valuable and timely contribution,” he added.

He said the international fi­nancial institutions agreed to give loans for help of millions of people, but it would have burdened Pakistan, further exacerbating the already pre­carious financial situation.

Shehbaz Sharif said he took the United Nations Secre­tary General to the flood af­fected areas where city after city was sunk. Thousands of women gave birth to children in the camps set up for the flood affectees, he recalled, adding in far flung areas, the government had to provide food, medicine, water and ed­ucation at temporary camps.

He said the people of Paki­stan faced crises and prob­lems in the past coura­geously and they would also overcome the adverse ef­fects of the floods. He urged the world to come forward to generously provide op­portunity and assistance through a mechanism which satisfied the most vulnera­ble having bare minimum. “It will create harmony in terms of economic justice and fairness. It is never too late to say no to injustice.” He appreciated French Pres­ident Emmanuel Macron for organizing the summit to discuss the very important subject related to financing issues of humanity.

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