FIA cracks down on money launderers, seizes foreign currency

Rawalpindi - In a significant crackdown on mon- ey launderers and those engaged in illegal money exchange, the Feder- al Investigation Agency (FIA) arrest- ed several individuals at Mall Pla- za Saddar on Monday. Substantial amounts of foreign currency were recovered during the operation, ac- cording to informed sources.

The detained individuals have been identified as employees of Sheikh Iqbal, who owns Universal Currency Exchange, and other mon- ey changers. Interestingly, the FIA raiding teams did not target the ille- gal money exchanges of Sheikh Ka- zim and Nauman Khan and brothers, purportedly due to their strong con- nections with certain corrupt FIA of- ficers, as per sources. According to reliable sources,

teams from FIA Corporate Crime Cir- cle Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Pe- shawar conducted raids at Mall Plaza Saddar, apprehending multiple mon- ey changers and their employees in- volved in money laundering and un- authorized currency exchange, in violation of State Bank of Pakistan regulations. During the operation, the raiding teams confiscated more than 60 million foreign and pakistani currency from

counters A and B. Additionally, com- puters, laptops, and mobile phones be- longing to the accused were seized. The arrested individuals have been taken to FIA Police Station for further investiga- tion, as per sources. Notably, this operation is deemed the largest-ever FIA raid at Mall Pla- za. More than 60 officers and officials of the federal watchdog participat-


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