ISLAMABAD    -   Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said Wednes­day that the govern­ment would conduct a forensic audit of the au­dio leak of former prime minister Imran Khan with his former principal secretary Azam Khan.

Addressing a press conference in Islam­abad, he said that the real face of Imran Khan was un­folding gradually. Imran Khan is pursuing the enemy’s agen­da, he claimed adding, “Imran Khan is misleading the youth. The nation needs to recognise this ‘Fitnah’. “The reality of this Fitnah is also unfolding before those who were under its influ­ence,” he claimed saying “The vice chancellor has also been under the influence of this Fit­nah, and he poisoned the minds of youths.”

The interior minister said Imran Khan has been caught spitting lies. “His face has been unmasked before the nation. The reality of his false narra­tive has also been exposed. The audio leak has unveiled this Fitnah,” he added. He said Imran Khan wants to divide the nation as he is doing pol­itics based on lies. “This Fit­nah can cause a great tragedy in the country. You all heard the conversation between Im­ran Khan and then principal secretary Azam Khan,” Rana Sanaullah said to the report­ers. “Imran Khan destroyed the economy in just less than four years. He has caused ir­reparable damage to the coun­try,” he deplored.

He was of the view that the ‘political Fitnah’ should be elim­inated in a political way”. 

The Interior Minister said that the leak had “laid bare” Im­ran’s entire narrative of foreign conspiracy.

Sanaullah ridiculed the Pa­kistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief over his recurring excuse of his government falling prey to a foreign conspiracy. “Today, his entire scheme has been laid bare,” he said. He further said that it was important to put each and every word of the video before the public to ex­pose the ‘fraud’ being commit­ted by this conspirator. 

After playing the leaked au­dio before the media, Sanaul­lah stated that the conversa­tion was a proof that “they [the PTI] were trying to create a plot”. He quoted Imran Khan as having instructed his principal secretary Azam Khan to “just play with it”.

He further stated that the two “changed the minutes of the meeting and replaced them with a fabricated story that furthered the PTI’s narra­tive. “For the past six months, this swindler has been deceiv­ing the public. During his ten­ure, he destroyed the coun­try’s economy, the political culture and isolated Pakistan at the foreign level, which is why India decided to attack Kashmir, while our country was in a vulnerable state,” he said. 

He has caused irreparable damage to Pakistan political­ly, morally and economically, Sana added.

Sanaullah also reminded the PTI supremo of sending the cypher to the Chief Justice of Pakistan back in April, say­ing, “You went to the Supreme Court calling for an inquiry on this. You can now go and sub­mit the plea and we will ac­cept, concede and agree to it ourselves,” he added.

In April, Khan had called for an inquiry into the alleged re­gime change conspiracy by placing parts of the cypher be­fore the federal cabinet and the National Security Committee. However, back in July the Su­preme Court had rejected the foreign conspiracy theory of PTI, saying the judicial system does not base its verdicts on speculations.

Meanwhile, the interior min­ister said that Imran Khan’s false narrative exposed in re­cent audio leak. “This person is a liar and a fraud,” Rana SANA tweeted Wednesday while re­ferring to Imran Khan.