Senior Foreign Office officer faces inquiry for human smuggling

ISLAMABAD - A senior foreign service officer Dr Israr Hussain is facing a high-level inquiry for alleged human smuggling to Europe and a number of other countries by misusing his authority.

The Foreign Office on the directives of the PM office, has completed fact-finding report against Dr Israr Hussain the serving BPS-21 officer of the foreign service of Pakistan on the charges of human smuggling to European countries and for misusing his authority for issuance of visas to different persons by putting influence on various European countries embassies in Islamabad.

Following the complaint to the PM office, the Foreign Ministry launched fact-finding inquiry headed by Grade 22 officer Raza Bashir Tarar, which completed its finding and handed over to the Foreign Secretary for launching formal inquiry against the officer, which is yet to be started.

Despite the fact-finding report, Foreign Secretary Sohail Mehmood is yet to form an inquiry committee against the officer, who is considered well connected in political and civil service circles. Dr Israr Hussain who served as Pakistan’s ambassador to Czech Republic from 2017 to 2019 was called back before completing a three-year term.

He has also served as Deputy Chief of Protocol at the Headquarters. Upon return from Czech he was made Additional Secretary Europe, where he misused his authority for getting Schengen visa for various people who allegedly paid him heavily.

He also used his authority by putting pressure on various western countries for visas for his “clients.”

Following complaints, Foreign Secretary took action against him and he was removed from AS (Europe) however he managed to get himself appointed as AS (Special Projects).

Dr Israr Hussain despite a bad track service record was promoted from BPS-20 to PBS-21 last year by the Foreign Ministry.

During his posting in the protocol department he issued Note verbale (diplomatic notes) to various western embassies for issuance of visas to his clients, this record was also investigated in the fact-finding report.

The main allegation against him was that he invited a cultural troupe to Prague and told them that they would be given jobs in return for huge money from them, however the troupe landed in Prague on visit visa and had to apply for asylum during which it was disclosed that Ambassador was involved in getting money from them. The Czech government lodged a complaint to Foreign Office in Islamabad, after which he was called back to Islamabad.

A former ambassador told The Nation that if inquiry against him is fairly conducted the officer would be first suspended from the service leading to removal from service. However, he said the final decision would be made by the Prime Minister on the recommendations of the Foreign Secretary.




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