Budget termed a lollipop

LAHORE- Lahore City lawyers have termed the recent budget a 'lollipop and they vowed to react it strongly in future as well in case of 'no welfare grant in the details of the budget as per promise of the government. When contacted lawyers to know about their views and opinion about the recently announced national budget, they termed it rich-friendly and not poor-friendly as poor have been imposed with indirect taxes and no sufficient taxes on luxury items being used by the rich people of Pakistan, they said. Lahore Bar Association (LBA) president Shahzad Hassan Sheikh expressing his views on the budget said that LBA would surely stage its reaction to the budget if no sufficient grant has been allocated in the details of the budget for the welfare of lawyers, claiming that grant for lawyers has been approved by national assembly and senate according to his knowledge. He said that so far government has not given money to lawyers for their welfare as they have collected about Rs 30 million at their own from different sources to cope with the need of lawyers welfare. He further opined that being friend of China, Pakistan must give development projects to China for their completion on fair costs. He said so far China has benefited of Pakistani market by selling its products and therefore, Pakistan should also use the Chinas market by exporting its products but our country would have to apply the 'comprehensive cost and production formula which required knowledge based expertise and skills. About lawyers he said that Lahore city lawyers must be awarded with eight to ten crores rupees for the purpose of welfare yearly, as lawyers have no medical facility currently which is deplorable. He said that current federal government has tried to snatch 'roti, kapra aur makan(food, clothes and home) by announcing the current budget with no sufficient relief for the poor masses. He said that current budgets announcement is not good for middle and lower class and this announcement is just a game with the people which is cleared by the confusion and embarrassment of the Finance Minister during his speech of the budget in the Assembly.

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