Come to power through election instead of selection, Bilawal dares Nawaz

PPP leader claims Nawaz Sharif hoping to buy PIA n Says if Nawaz gets two-thirds majority, he will again try squaring up same elements who bring him to power every time

TIMERGARA  -  Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhut­to Zardari while ad­dressing workers’ con­vention in Timergara, Lower Dir, on Saturday that in today’s politics no one is interested in solving the problems being faced by people. 

These crises faced by the people took place during Imran Khan’s period, he said, adding, they were further exac­erbated when the PML-N was unable to resolve them despite leading the Ministry of Finance. 

The solution to all the problems faced by the people lies in the mani­festo and ideology of the PPP alone. 

“There are certain individuals in the care­taker governments that are associated with cer­tain political parties. Nawaz Sharif’s work­ers leading ministries today sends the wrong message as far as free and fair elections are concerned. The Min­ster for Privatisation is of the PML-N and as per the information we have received through our PIA Union, Nawaz Sharif is hoping to buy the PIA. We would like to convey to the people that the PPP will not let this happen. We stand with our unions and wish for them to be respected so that in­stitutions can prosper accordingly, he added.

Bilawal said that he trusts the people of the country, and leaves the fate of the party in their hands. If they support the PPP, then it will emerge victori­ous. However, we are ready to accept any other decision they make given that it is their choice alone. The only issue we have with our po­litical counterparts is them being imposed on the na­tion through selections. From 2008-2013, the PPP made efforts for every in­stitution to operate within its constitutional boundar­ies. The series of selection that was resumed with Im­ran Khan proved the PPP’s Jiyalas correct as the world witnessed how democra­cy should be ones only sup­port, not any umpire. We would like to give the same message to Nawaz Sharif, he is our elder, and should not backtrack on his own stance of “Vote Ko Izzat Do” and not demean it. 

“It is our challenge to him to come to power through an election for the first time, instead of a selection for the fourth time. Chairman Bilawal said that he will face every selected individ­ual along with his Jiyalas. He expressed his grateful­ness to the people for initi­ating this series of workers’ conventions in Khyber Pa­khtunkhwa at a time when all political parties have left the field. The PPP will con­tinue to be steadfast on its manifesto with the help of its workers, supporters and Jiyalas who should take the Party’s message to every doorstep, Chairman Bilaw­al said.

One political party in­tends to win the elections solely to extract political re­venge, while the other too wants the same. No other party can compete with the injustices meted out to the Jiyalas of the PPP and the sacrifices they have ren­dered. However, not once has the PPP engaged in po­litical revenge as it does not believe in harbouring per­sonal vendetta. The PPP’s sole focus and politics has been for the sake of the people, not its own ego or enmities. We want to bury the politics of hate once and for all to work united­ly for the sake of the peo­ple of the country. During the era of the PM of Zaman Park, the politics of revenge was stressed upon under the guise of a ‘’Naya Paki­stan’ while following the same old traditional pat­terns. Instead of providing the people with millions of jobs and houses that were promised, Khan wasted the opportunity to serve the people by focusing on re­venge. The PM of Raiwand is looking to be selected for the fourth time, and while it is everyone’s right to dream and participate in the elec­tions, it is the right of the people to ask what this per­son will do after coming to power for the fourth time. In the 1990s too, during the period of the IJI, this per­son had been selected and engaged in the same tradi­tional politics and the peo­ple had to bear the bur­den. Those who brought him to power forget their old equation and made him the PM again, but in­stead of serving the people, Nawaz Sharif was focused on portraying himself as the ‘Ameer ul Momineen’ and squared up in front of the same elements that had brought him to power, and had to rest outside of the country for the decade. For the third time, we had been hoping for a change.

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