Pakistani receives invitation to present paper at international moot

LAHORE-Pakistani hand reader Ghulam Murtaza (GM) has received a prestigious invitation to present his unparalleled expertise at the International Conference on Palmistry-Chirology scheduled for September 2024 in Moscow, Russia. This marks a historic moment for Pakistan, as it is the very first time the country has been recognized in this field. Ghulam Murtaza has earned widespread acclaim for his exceptional skills in deciphering the secrets held within the lines and contours of the human hand. His unique approach to palmistry-chirology has not only captivated audiences in Pakistan but has also garnered attention on the international stage. Usually, it was first time that he was teaching Indian professionals in this field. He has demystified superstitious image of palmistry and populated new scientific concepts in this field.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt